Hi Darlins,

      Aligning with our Casual Loves Elegance everyday life & style..
      Christmas is a time when I love to load up on cozy * comfy elements.

      I thought I would share some insight of how you can do this anywhere!

       We live in Southern California…which is lovely!

       …but personally, between you & me…
       my heart is in a cozy lake house in the midwest!
       Tall evergreens branches weighted with snow, a crackling fire in a real mason fireplace.
       Ice skates by the door, ready for when the lake is frozen deep enough to go on.
      Those are the childhood memories I experienced & cherish especially during this time of year.

      So how do we create that feeling in California or anywhere?
      Here’s some inspiration from my living room to yours….

      Candle light

      Nature – Animal images – Antlers – fur faux or real

      Shiny elements – Reflect light like snow or ice

      Silver * Gold * Pewter

      No. 2

      Cozy textures

      Faux or real fur – Linen- Important element to add warmth to leather
      In our living room here I used faux fur pillows, Belgium linen all with down inserts including the leather sofa, it is down.  

      Sparkle – Glittery beads, crystal, rhinestones
      Pillow in front has a hand beaded snowflake.
      No. 3
       Time is precious & so is a one of a kind element made by you, your children or someone you love.
      I made these “A Winter Wish” little banners.
       Fun, creative & cost… a little love & time!

      Always fresh – bringing a scent to the air & reminding us that beauty surrounds us.
      These are heirloom roses from my garden.

      Most of all Christmas is in our hearts
       how we feel
       what we believe is in the spirit.
      There isn’t anything serious about decorating, be inspired by your dreams.
       Use what you have, what you love, most of all what makes you feel warm & cozy!

      A beautiful winter day to you!

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