Hi Darlins,

      How’s your week going?
      Tiny little huts to change your swim suit…. how practical & vintage chic!
      I wish we could peak inside…

      I imagine them to be charming inside with a bench & cool hooks for suits and towels.
      Weathered wood doors that creak from the salty air, 
      a sound you will recall every time you see a tiny hut.

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      With our last few weeks of summer upon us,

      I hope you find the perfect place to


      make S’mores
      share fantastic stories while the sun goes down.

      My Design tip: Add some weatherd painted wood to your garden shed, hang hooks or cleats for towels & suits.

      A beautiful week to you,

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      O Gail, been in love with these for centuries Lol!
      I purchased a JDA living magazine that had a whole thing on Nordic beach huts, they were off the wheels and set in a row alongside the beaches of Norway. I was so taken with them I changed my mind on wanting a gypsy wagon to then wanting a beach hut….well I won't turn down a gypsy wagon either.

      Such a summer feel to this post and you imagin all the things I do with these huts.


      PS. In sorts you have a hut of a type in your back yard that I am so taken with.


      Ohh they are wonderful. I love the weathered white row in the second to last photo. I am off to the sea coast tomorrow!