Good morning sweeties*

      I hope you had a chance to sleep in or cozy up to the fire this morning! I wake up early every morning, my mind starts racing with the days agenda and I can’t sleep any more..
      I wasn’t always so eager to get up early… in my 20’s I found it so easy to sleep in! On the weekend if I didn’t have a model shoot, I just began life a little later in the day! I call them “the good ole days” when my life was just about me!!! Hmm…Do we ever get those back?
      I love seeing all the holiday blogs.. Everyone has such different decoration and styles.
      Though what I love most is ….that we all have the same theme.
      Spiritual, Love, Blessings and Peace. The elements are in our hearts and become the gold thread that binds us all together for the holidays.

      My wish is … the golden thread be between us every day and be consistent.

      Have a beautiful Sunday*
      Love this vintage tin silver angel candle holder I found this year, I lit it this morning and it was so beautiful with the Ivy topiary!

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      So beautiful and so agree about the common thread that binds us…..