A beautiful first saturday of May to you,

      As we welcome May with all the excitement of summer it’s time to think about adventures and travel.
      Packing up and hitting the road is one of the best ways to see this country.
      Seeking places out of the way and setting up the perfect camp to enjoy the full  beauty of it all.

       It’s adventureous

      Here’s some inspiration for a vintage camping vibe….
       I found these for your timeles travels.

      Perhaps a day trip is all you need… 
      Get out of the office & enjoy your own area for a picnic or throw in a line….

      {the perfect solution if you can’t leave town this summer}
       Once every weekor so and you will have a fulfilling & fun summer!

      Camping has & always will be a travel expereince for all ages to enjoy!

      All Pinterest

      My Design tip: If your setting up your first camper, select a theme and build around it.
      Half the fun is finding vintage pieces for your timelsess traveler.

      Welcome MAY, make a picnic & safe travels.

      P.S Don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming… I have a little something she would treasure…
      This is a vintage Mother sentiment cup from the victorian era. It’s a special find!

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      You can also see all my Design Tips from my postd there on the site.

      A beautiful first Saturday of May to you…

      We have have a wee vintage travel trailer called The Pearl…named after my Great-Grandmother Nora Pearl. We have had her for 11 yrs now. I have a blog for her that is closed right now but will re-open when we begin to renovate her. She is all over pinterest so you have probably seen her. She is decorated in a shabby chic beach style. When we renovate she will get the Nordic Coastal style with driftwood floors and all white/grey interior. Glamping is so much fun. We are able to spend weeks right on the beach.

      Oh Gail perfect timming to get our glamping on!
      Love the little black one, it reminds me of those little beach side bungalows or somewhere nestled in Maine.
      As for the last foto how charming is that, I bet you have a vision of planting one of them somewhere in your wonderful lemon grove yard. Wouldn't one of them, not to retro play off your yard wonderfully, perhaps turning yours into a lemonade stand.

      See you soon


      Hello! Happy weekend my friend. I love this post. I adore vintage campers and want to redo one so bad. I mean, who wouldn't? Living on the So Cal coast its a wonderful lazy way to spend a summer day. Or two.
      The House of Hampton