Seeing florals from the runway to gardens is so fresh and pretty!
      Wall paper is a design element that adds texture, depth and instant character to a space. I think seeing these pretty prints might inspire some floral infusion into our home interiors!
      This room is timeless and stunning! 
      The drapery is beautiful too… Speaks french to me!
      Blanketing the room in floral is charming.
      I can see this in a attic room or a room filled with angels. 
      It has such a cozy feel doesn’t it?

      I love how this little vintage dresser cozies up in front of the floral wall.
      This space has fabulous details… 
      Notice how the barrel ceiling has the paper all the way up, to me it looks like flower petals!
      Love the doors, shutters, tiled floors…..
       everything looks to be vintage. 
      I think the wall paper is too, don’t you?

      A little blue and white inspiration… seems I picked all pinkish tones!
      This chair, drapery and wall paper are coordinated and really becomes a pulled together room.
      This same pattern would be pretty in a black and white!!!
      Would you change anything?
      Hmm, the fringed bottom of the chair isn’t for me….
      I would like to see the pretty legs of the chair instead….
      Short summary!!!
      Have you ever found one of these in your vintage treasure shopping?
      Do you know what it was used for?
      It is a wood block printing stamp.
      Block printing was a standard method of producing wall paper until the 20th century.
      It is still used in small artisanal settings for cloth design.
      I have a couple of these I found years ago when I was doing my clothing collection, 
      Yes…I actually tried it on fabric, it was pretty difficult to get a perfect stamp multiple times!

      My design tip: Wall paper is a personal preference, it is a commitment. 
      Try it in small doses like lining a back interior of a cabinet or a interior of a closet for starters!
      FYI there is removable wallpaper for rental properties! 

      Have a beautiful weekend! Keep your eye out for a roll of vintage wall paper!

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       Do some shopping!
       Mother’s day is right around the corner!