Missing my Mom today….
      Thirteen years ago today I last held her hand…& I miss her more each year…
      She was the sweetest women I ever knew, beautiful from the inside out…
      I adored her… she was my best friend….

      Visiting the midwest last week in my home town I felt her spirit so close to me… 
      It was truly the place she loved more than anything.
      She loved Summer….

      To the heavens…

      Dore, I feel sometimes life means so much yet so little when we loose the people we are closest to.
      You were such a young girl but the important moments seem to have made a life long difference in your character. When we see our children we can see how much a parents role has in their life. You seem to have gotten so much wisdom from your father, perhaps he left your heart wide open for a reason…

      Life is sweetest for those who can see it with their heart and not their eyes.
      Blessings to you too.
      Thank you!

      Feel your sadness Gail, I was 14 years old when My Dad passed, not a moment here and there does not cross my mind as to the gentle moments I had with him, he was bigger then life….star studded entertaining with him, sharing his time with me when taking me onto the studios of Paramount Movie picture Studios in Hollywood Ca. Memories of laughter, fun acting out productions with my dad led me to the path I am on with understanding life….. I know you feel this same emotion, I read it here in your post. Your moms picture reminds me of my moms swimsuits poses, so 1940's pin up…. So beautiful she is.

      Keep all those special moments with her close, she is always with you in every venture you take on.

      See you soon dearest,