Hello Darlins

      With a broken heart I write this post today..
      On the eve of Thanksgiving my family and I found ourselves having to say our final goodbye to our dearly loved & cherished Tibetan mastiff Miss Chloe.
      12 -23-06  *  11- 23- 16

      Tuesday evening my husband looked at her ears inside, uses some liquid ear cleaner on a cotton pad and rubbed her ears inside and found fresh blood. A flag for concern…
       On Wednesday at noon we took her into the vet for apt. to see why she had been pawing at her face over the last month near her eyes, it seemed something was irritating the area. She scratched so hard it was bleeding & it wouldn’t heel over. We thought maybe she had something going on there. 

      We thought we would probably be getting some antibiotics & a maybe an ear wash and we would bring her home.

      Long story short…the vet did some tests and found our her red blood count was almost depleted & her blood wasn’t coagulating. They gave us her samples & paperwork with a referral to a animal hospital for a specialist, they said go now…

       Bottom line the vet aid she couldn’t be saved, she was bleeding internally. Her immune system was attacking itself.
        We asked if we could bring her back home for a few hours to be with her and let her be with Lincoln our Saint Bernard. We hoped he would sense something and maybe it will help him later. 
      My oldest son lives out of state and it broke our heart to make that call….omg so extremely difficult give him the news and explain the situation.
      He was an important part of her life too…This was his dog so much, he found the breeder and led the descioson in getting her from the beginning…

      We skyped with him so he could see her as we gathered around on the floor with both dogs..
      Later that evening we said goodbye….
      The first time we saw her… getting her ready to come home with us.

      Quiet & sweet

      Late in the spring her thick winter coats gets ready to shed for summer.
      She was a friend and mentor to our Lincoln, whom I believe showed him the ropes and gave him confidence… he is almost blind.

      Tibetan Mastiffs are a unique breed.
       Chloe was noble
       she pranced like royalty
       walked like a model
       proud, quiet and elegant

       She was amazing guardian…
       She knew her natural primitive role..
      She guarded us, our friends, our property, Lincoln and our hearts.

      She was so beautiful…one of a kind.
      We will ring the bell for her this Christmas…

      We miss her dearly we loved her immensely.

      Sweet dreams we love you….Miss Chloe..

      Hello sweet Dore,
      Yes Tibetans are a unique & grand breed for sure. We miss her & it's so strange not to see her here just laying around like a queen! Thank you for your sweet comfort & for all your visits, it's so lovely of you.
      Happy Holidays to you & your family,

      Thank you, appreciate your sweetness, we miss her dearly..
      Happy Holidays xo

      So sorry to hear about your Lab/Pit… We never know what the plan is do we?
      Thank you for your sweet words & your visit here on the blog.
      Happy Holidays!

      Thank you Marsha, I wish we could program them for life long companions too! I'm sorry about your FiFI too. What we are blessed with when we sign on to take care of a pet is soooo worth it all. They leave such an imprint on our hearts don't they!
      Happy Holidays Marsha
      Thank you… it's always lovely to hear from you. xo, Gail

      Gail, I know exactly how you feel. Our pets never last long enough, do they? David Letterman said once, "they should be programmed to go when we go." I love my beloved Poodle, FiFi, in July. She was adopted so we never knew how old she was but we were blessed with her, all of her 8 lbs, for 16 years. I know how you and your family feel, my friend. I am so sorry this happened during our holidays.
      Sending a big hug….

      We had a weird accident with our Lab/Pit and had the same result. So heartbreaking. The huge Rottweiler and Grover were both trying to get to my adult son to say hello and suddenly the most horrendous series of screams of pain I have ever heard came from our poor Lab. Our Vet couldn't see him/packed with appts and emergencies so we took him to the emergency facility. The X Rays showed that his humerus was broken and separated in his upper leg near his shoulder. That vet said he would need a specialist surgeon-orthopedic I think- and that he might lose the leg at the shoulder..He has had ACL problems with both rear legs and so not a candidate for this treatment since he would have to be restrained from too much movement for quite a long period. We knew this was impossible with his temperament. He was off,barking and running pell mell 20 times a day with every smell or sound he sensed and the added problem of the dominant nature of the Rottie guaranteed he would not be sedentary. Finally the surgery would run between 5 and 6 thousand dollars if we were lucky,any complications and the cost would increase. Grover was almost 11 so with broken hearts we decided on Euthanasia. I don't regret the decision. He hated confinement and at 76 and 80 years of age it would have been very difficult for us to maintain the required conditions. My sympathy for your Loss-we have had a number of pets in 57 years of marriage and it is very hard but the fun they bring into the family life is so worth it.

      Awwww, so sweet and so sad…..my heart goes out to you…..;-((((

      So sad to read this dearest Gail,
      My daughter gas friends with Tibetan Mastiffs, they are grand dogs. It's going to be a hard read to not see now and then your family fur baby Chloe. Your son is comforted by his mother who took such beautiful care of her, not to mention the many postings with your fur babies making them an important part of your blogging life. It's so hard to lose a family pet that is more then a pet, I wish you, and your family comfort and peace, what a family life you have Ms Chloe.