I spotted this find at a flea market and had to bring it home. It was supposed to be over my dining table….The electrician made some holes, pulled some wire and hung it. I was so excited but in the back of my detail designer mind I kept thinking to myself, hmm… It’s so pretty too bad it’s just not the right scale for this room….

      I found one that was the perfect scale for the dining room it’s in the mirror of the post of the french mirror I did a few weeks ago, if you want to peek back..

      So I happened to have the perfect final spot for it when we finished the entry. You can see a little of it from my last post. I thought I’d show you a better picture.. {Did I mention…The entry is kinda temporary…. The plan is to switch it to the opposite end of the house. The existing entry you see will be the glassed in breakfast room… That is in phase 2… Stay tuned get comfortable it’s going to be a journey!!!

      My Design Tip* Always think about the scale of the room, always put everything on a dimmer switch. Buy what you love, love, love, {as long as it is a asset to your design}