A beautiful Saturday to you…
      Sunshine and a warm breeze here in SoCal.
      Sometimes I try to imagine some of our grandest writers, 
      what kind of desk or table would they be paired with?

      Adding your own style with vintage accessories that inspire. Quietly gives it your personality.

      Thoughts become profound.
      clearly expressing them from such a personal space is alot more interesting & fun.

      Here’s some I’ve curated for fun to inspire the writer in you!

       This last one is in Charles Dickens’ London Study.  
      It has been told this desk is where he did most of his writing. 
       It can be seen in the writers home/museum tour.

       Photos Pinterst
      Did you see one that fits you? 
      I’d love to know what your style is?
      I would adore #1 or #3!!!

      My Design tip: A writing desk is for creating.  Setting the mood for expressing our thoughts into something special.  A home office desk has a different purpose, paying bills, keeping files etc. 

      Hop over to Second Shout Out BLOG for my Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage”
      Shop vintage. 

      A beautiful last weekend & farewell to March.

      A writers desk is so dreamy. The first three photos speak to me. I have a tiny writers desk tucked in the corner of my bedroom. It is a Rachel Ashwell in white. A favorite place because I dearly love to write.

      Hi Dore, Yes I see the Under the Tuscan sun image, I so loved that movie too. I wanted to move to there and do a fixer upper!!! No one was on board though!
      The stone walls are coming along should finish the largest one by next weekend, then 2 more to go. Our stone masons are only working us in between another job. They come any where form 2 to 4 days at a stint. It works for me becasue I like to be around for the process!
      My upper yard is a mess. I will take some pics this week and share the progress & the mess!

      Thank you for your sweet visit,

      Anita, one of the things I loved most about your blog Castle Crowns and Cottages was your written voice. Inspiring us with music, words & photographs that told stories that I could imagine being a part of… I do hope you will write when your inspired, in a closet or anywhere you have a gift my dear.
      Thank you for the visit,

      That fourth photo from the bottom, oh so …Under the Tuscan Sun. How I could write in this room would be a test I would love to challenge myself with. Could you imagine feeling like you are up I. The trees? I can feel the rustic breeze blowing in visiting awhile.

      As for the other photos who wouldn't want any of these spaces to create in, or even to just stair at them.

      Beautifully inspiring…. How is the yardscapping coming along?
      Can't wait for the reveal.



      A sacred place indeed. I have two spots to write, one in a closet (IT'S TRUE!) and the other very similar to that first photo. Oh the joy of pen to paper!