Morning Darlin’s!

      There is nothing cozier than a working kitchen. 
      A highly organized space where passion and creativity meet, preparing delicious meals.
      More than a kitchen, it’s a labor of love…
      Personally reflecting the style of it’s chefs.

      With open shelves everything is easily found at a glance. Almost appears pantry-ish.

      The library ladder gives easy access to the upper shelves.
       Importantly, keeps everything in reach.
      Love this small scale kitchen, infused with vintage charm.

      Vintage simplicity & function is a beautiful working kitchen.

      Open shelves are practically a necessity… Notice, you rarely see closed upper cabinets.

      Love this island!
      This is my temporary makeshift kitchen open shelving…in the middle of our renovation
      Just painted, see yesterday post…
      You can see the gutted ceiling exposed & drywall hanging!

      Open, organized & well stocked with everyday items are the essential elements of a working kitchen!

      My Design tip: Adding vintage dish ware & unique items to your working kitchen,  inspire a cozy space filled with culinary creativiity.

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      A beautiful weekend  to you…

      Love these open cabinets. How I would love a kitchen with this much soul.
      Cannot wait to see your kitchen completed 🙂

      Keep inspiring us Gail.


      Yes this is the whole cabinet! I thought, should I crop the ceiling off the picture but then thought no, this is a real work in progress!
      I have to have it pretty along the way!
      Thank you for visiting!

      Gail, Oh … now I can see the color of AS paint you picked out. Your open cabinet looks very chic. I love that you can see the ripped out ceiling in the photo. Gotta tell you nothing excites me more than renovating our old home. Thanks for sharing the work in progress. All your photos in this post are wonderful.