Lemon water..the pretty drink. I believe it!




      Welcome to Our Lemon grove, it’s my favorite place here on our property.

       We planted and nurtured twigs into these tall, healthy beautiful lemon trees we have today.

      One of my cousins gave me the drinking warm lemon water tip, I’ve since dug a little further into benefits of lemons.  I have to say that  since I started drinking the warm lemon water and zesting lemons on everything, my skin feels more balanced, not as dry. I’ve always been obsessed about clean and healthy skin.  Since I know feeling beautiful is important to you too, here’s the skinny!

      The best time to have your water with lemon…?

      Anytime of the day is great for a little refresh. All you need is fresh water and a long squeeze of a juicy lemon. It will yield about one to two teaspoons.  Dinking this first thing in the morning is believed to be most beneficial time of the day for our bodies.  

      Lemon water is natural for us, it boosts immune system because of it’s rich in Vitamin C content, it helps heal infections, digestive health, it helps to eliminate toxins.  If your diet is clean as well,  it helps to promote clear skin.


      My 2019 Lemon season has begun, I’ve officially begun my farm girl routine. Though my hands will get stained, my shoulder’s already ache but the best part is I’ll shed a good 10 pounds while harvesting our lemons for our local community.  Double win!

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      Off to harvest some lemons for a local gourmet market before the rain comes in!

       A beautiful day to you!