Hi Darlin’s…
      Today my Saturday’s “Designing with vintage” post for  SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG is about how if you think about it, we do look up quite a bit.
       When we are lounging around, laying in bed, soaking in the tub we are paying attention to the filing. 

      I do consider the ceiling as the fifth wall.

      Well thought out design is accentuated in the details, 
      so if you forget about the ceiling well…not so great.

      The ceiling is the crowning touch to a room.
      This barrel brick & beam ceiling is gorgeous. 
      This has to be planned well in advance, a lot of factors in construction have to be considered here.

      Tongue and groove wood, again plan well in advance but gorgeous.
      I did one of these on our front entry on our old beach house. 
      It was gorgeous…
      Really a lot of work! 
      If you want to loose a carpenter… just mention a barrel ceiling!!!
      Crisp modern moldings…sophisticated.
      Vintage reclaimed beams & planks are so cozy and versatile. 

      Just plain cooool
      Vintage shutters for ceiling detail in this commercial space add charm & character.


      I’m loving these last two…
       Post & beam 

      Stunningly exquisite…

      My Design tip:
      The fifth wall is a significant design detail.
       Consider the design style of the entire home when selecting your finish detail.

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      Just for fun, I have a tiny bit homework for you…. 
      Starting this weekend, look up & notice the ceiling details where ever you go!

      Have a gorgeous weekend,

      Increditable ceilings,
      Just when I saw one that was so me? Another one pops up, I know my favorite, but could almost live I. Any of them.
      Beautiful inspiration


      PS……loving photos 1 and 4