Welcoming Spring!
      A fresh new season.
      It’s time to…
       Open the windows, 
      pare down the winter interiors. 

      Today we have so many things that can clutter our spaces…

      Where do the things we collect end up?
      It’s pretty rare we find a heart shaped rock on a hike, 
      or a perfect sand dollar wahsed in from the sea.
      Those are the moments we covet….
      Do you set them on the mantle until it’s cleaning day, then lay them in a drawer never to be seen again until you move?

      Here’s some cool display ideas I curated that might inspire you to keep collecting and cherish those precioius finds.

      Photos Pinterest

      My Design tip: Collections can be effective and artful mixing vintage with them. Example the vintage wood shelves with the sea collection in the bathroom.

      As your organizing group those collections and display them in a cool way. 

      Enjoy all that each new season has to offer.
      Happy Spring!

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      do some spring shopping.

      Love the wire basket… And the mint bathroom sooo needs to be white… I love this post.