Happy Thanksgiving darlins.

      I love this day.
      My thoughts today are that you’re in the midst of preparting a special meal for those you love.

      A time for gathering, sitting elbow to elbow & telling stories over a meal prepared with Love.
      I hope your day
      I love this old photo, I’m not sure where it came from. But the message is simple….

      Let’s feed our families with more than food,
       but with Love, 
       nuture the young and instill what is truly important… Family…

       Let’s trust we will remember these unforgettable moments together
       most of all how they make us feel.

      Love you all.

      I’m grateful for each of you who’ve taken the time to come over to my blog through the years.
       I hope in small way youv’e been inspired & will return to visit once again.

      A wonderful & Happy Thanksgiving y’all to you & your family’s.

      XO XO