Happy Love week!

      Are you celebrating all things you LOVE with who you LOVE?

      A week of plenty pretty images everywhere and sweet sentiments flowing…

      DOn’t you LOVE it!!!!!
      Some things I love…. & see everyday at home…
      LOVE this circa 1800 Hand carved wood sideboard.

      The design plan: it will be the future kitchen island. 
      The Carrera marble from Italy has been fabricated and just sitting on it.
      waiting  redo the functionability of the inside.
      I look at this beautiful piece everyday, patiently waiting….
      anticipating to see it in the future kitchen!
      Sweet heart mugs just because…
      Hand made for my old mercantile…
      Fell in Love with these
      Felted wool hearts…
      I requested them made with sentiments such as Dear Friend, Happy Holidays
      & kept a couple just bare.

      I gave them as gifts to friends & sold out at my store!
      tesoro mio

      A lovely valentines to you!

      Love these pictures..so sweet! Enjoy your special day:)

      Awe, Lovely…Thank you I am happy you enjoy visiting here!
      I am in love with the side board too! t has two shelves that sit on it that are also carved and gorgeous. I'm not sure what I will do with them yet. It is from Europe and it was in a bakery.
      It is solid white oak, extremely heavy….
      I wish you a beautify Valentine…

      Hi Vera, Years ago I had a Mercantile, I had them made from a lady I scouted from "Victoria magazine". I ordered them from her. They are hand stitched. They are bout 6 inches long from point to top. I love it too!
      Have a beautiful Valentines!

      Your last two posts are filled with so many lovely romantic things. I loved every beautiful photo Gail!
      I am crazy about your gorgeous sideboard! WOW what a great island it will make!
      Have a wonderful 'Love' day!
      hugs from here…

      The antique sideboard is stunning and sharing it's beauty while patiently waiting until it finds a spot in your kitchen one day. Did you make the wool winter white heart? Love it!