Mornin Darlins,

      Sort of…a quick story for TBT…

      One of my favorite memories & biggest instinct lessons were validated on the same day during my career. 
      Thats just two reasons why I hold this story close to my heart. I’ll share a few key things!

      In the industry theres print models and commercial models. 
      Typically either – or. If your a duel threat..then you have happy agents!

      At the time I was only doing print and for a couple years it seemed my agent had been trying to talk me into auditoning for commercials, T.V – film.  
      I wanted to focus on what i was doing, not interested.

      During a meeting with the agency the subject came up again.
      Why can’t I send you on auditons for commercials etc?
      She said, I wouldn’t be pushing you if I didn’t believe in your abilities and think you would be successful.
        I layed it on the table…. Not sure where the nerve came from, but I’m always honest.

      Pretty much went like this….
      I am not interested in back ground work.
      I will only go on spokes auditions or main characters!
      Yes I was young, honestly said what was on my mind, probably a little overconfident you think!!
      How could this really happen with out coaching or acting class!

      Agreed, they would only send me on those auditions.
      Long long story getting shorter..
       I was sent on an my first audition, I arrrived at my time late in the afternoon. I was on a booking all morning.
      I was told to sign in, get in line.  
      remember…this was my very first commercial Audtion!
      Signing in.. 
      Question on the sign in sheet, SAG member? Non Union? 
      Thinking to myself what’s that?
       I left everything blank, just put my name next to #1, 200 something! 
      Went into the line, that stretched down the hall and out the building
      In line a girl near me was changing shoes etc. She was running late from work. 
      Where do you work? I asked.
      She said I’m shooting a game show pilot, We shook hands, I introduced myself. 
      She replied, my name is Vanna White! 
      So you can fill in that part of her story!

      Anyhoo…I went in, did the audition, Went fine.
      Two more call backs over the next couple of weeks, On the third call back I signed in at #130!
      That’s a ton.
      Soon after I got a call from my agent,
       she was so excited to tell me I booked the national commercial…

      The national commercial spot was this for Anheuser Busch’s new brand LA Beer.
      Mr. George Burns and me!

      I arrive at the location for the commercial.
      Here’s what I didn’t know…

      Why I was being separated from the other talent that was there… 
      I was concerned, thinking I was going to be an extra.
      How could this be… I was told, I got the part….
      I was taken to the set after hours of waiting, lunch,wardrobe, makeup etc.

      They walked me over to introduce me to the legendary Mr. George Burns.
       We said Hello, shook hands and he said something charming!

      Handing each of us some papers… 
      Here are your sides, why don’t you two go take a moment to look them over. Then we will do a read.
      Hmmm.. side?
       Side of what? 
      I looked down on the paper, it was printed Mr. Burns and Girl.  
      I looked up, yep he’s Mr. Burns and om-goodness I’m GIRL!!!

      We shot the commercial very quick, only a few takes. The director was excited.
      It went so well they asked I would do some stills with Mr. Burns for the Point of Purchase campaign!

      It wasn’t until we rapped shooting when everyone came over and congratulated me with my first national commercial and earning my SAG card!

      I was thinking, hmmm…. how did they know? I was being so professional! 

      There was a secret and everyone was in on it…

      My agent, producers, crew and the execs from Anhesuser Busch including Mr. Burns 
      this was my first commercial!

      It was quite a moment! I wasn’t sure to laugh or cry!

       Mr. Burns was such a delightful gentleman. It was purely an honor to meet him.
      He shared a few tidbits of wisdom about the industry with me, that day.
      A few years later, our paths crossed once again.
       I auditioned and booked a SDGE commercial with him.

      I arrived on the set,
      He looked at me and said…
      Hey gorgeous, haven’t we met?
      I said yes Mr. Burns, we have. 
      He said, yes dear I remember….we did a commercial together and it was your first commercial!
      So surprised he remembered! 
      I was grateful for this opportunity to work beside such a legend.

      Everyone has to start somewhere, their kindness and patience were so appreciated. 
      Most important is what I came away with and what I learned that day about myself was so powerful…

       At the top of the page in my book of Fav’s.

      A beautiful day to you!
      Happy Throw-back Thursday!



      Hi Dore, I hope you scan those precious moments! Time isn't kind to such precious photos and such. Sounds like your memories are fond, How I wish was around when all of those players were young!
      It's fun to look back and it's about the memories attached to my Firsts that were so special for a small town girl!
      So sweet of you to take the time to share with me and my visitors!
      A sweet nite to you,

      So much fun to be in the industry, my grandfather rubbed many elbows with Hope, burns, Davis, and the gang, Streisand, bans they called her John Wayne and so many more. I went to production Studio picnics and so on, my grandfather was an art producer for Paramount Movie picture Studios Hollywood, yes famous for his work and placing us in things here and their, my daughter wetting her feet in commercial work as a baby /child and her agent was in Beverly Hill Buck wald industries.
      I to have spent time with the famous and what a life time of memories that holds.

      Love all your sharing here, your work in molding and commercial is so much fun to hear about.
      My daughter is planning to get back into it due to the demands placed on her from past work, agents and so on.
      We love looking through the sacks of the work my grandfather has produced and the many photos autographed to him from so many with personal notes attached. Barbra being one of my favorites when they worked on What's up Doc!

      See you soon beautiful.