Happy Saturday Darlins,

      The season for Tailgating is here…

      A fun tradition that everyone can participate in.
       Maybe you already have an “A” game tailgate ceremony that you can’t wait to roll out. 
      You’ve got the lucky thermoses, 
      your famous game chili,
       secret spiced popcorn
      your touchdown cookies. 

      All you need is the perfect backdrop & accouterments to add the winning touch. 

      This is perfect for Del Mar at the Polo fields…

      Photos: Pinterest
      Tailgating has been a beloved fan traditoin for years!

      My Design tip: Have fun looking for vintage banners & penants of your team, hang them with vintage clothes pins.

      Hope over to Omero home blog for the whole post today on my Series Saturday “Designing with Vintage”

      A beautiful weekend to you,

      You know Gail I have never tailgated…. My brothers have, they do it up big and guy like!
      It does look like it is fun though… The one with the canvas stand reminds me of maybe you a bit with a tailgate lemonade stand.

      This was a really fun post it got me thinking on how I would stage my own tailgate party game event?
      Could you imagine Rustic French cottage, painted rustic typography signs, linens and pillows tossed about, shabby chairs? The whole planning of a tailgate party looks and sounds fun!

      Now I do have to mention when our family hit the summer beaches we would put down the tailgate for a landing spot of meals and rest from the sand, does this count as tailgating?? Lol 🙂

      See you soon


      I have not tailgated since my college years and it was never anything stylish! These images remind me more of vintage camping. Something I have done my entire life and still do.