Morning Darlins,

      Do you know…
       that one of the first pieces of furniture to be acquired when setting up a home is a table?

      It invites everyone to come together at once into a space.
      It will be of the most important pieces we will have.
      Also, one of the most used pieces &longest kept.

      I feel…
      A table isn’t just 4 legs and a top sitting in a space…
      I see it as 
      being significant.
      Especially a vintage table.
      A vintage table…
      hears the stories of family & friends 
      who have lingered there long after the meal was over and the dishes were cleared.

      It holds all our firsts.

      First meals
      first kisses
      First babies
      first homework
      first friends
       first holidays
      and more…

      It holds the warmth of those who have graced it.
      Nostalgic moments of laughter & tears over the years and sometimes lifetimes.
      Those warm sweet reminders of times we hold dear.
      Your table reflects your style as well.

      Simple . Sturdy . Industrial

      Primitive yet beautiful.

      A little over the top & fun.
      Perhaps an heirloom table that has been passed around the family.

      One of my most treasured heirloom antiques is my grandparents first table. It is small with two leaves that fold down. The bottom the table has the shipping label with their names & address on it!
      Well over 100 years old yet still sturdy. 
      A significant piece that holds our family stories. 
      Someday I will pass on their sweet table to my family.

      My Design tip:
      A vintage table is always my first choice of recomendation. Choose wisely for a table that reflects your personal style. Don’t worry about the imperfections if it’s vintage, those are the wrinkles that it has earned. Also, you will be salvaging the memories of someones family.
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      A beautiful Saturday to you!

      Beautifully said Gail, I always say the defects in a piece of salvage are there birthright and birth marks to there age and beauty.
      I love salvaging it's the only way to build on a homes tru personality, when I go into a home that is all manufactured retail reproduced store bought, I sigh with sadness that someone didn't get ahold of them and knock some sense into them with at least guiding them to anchor each room with something old, worn, and abused. It really softens the harder edges of the pieces that have no history or personality.
      It really does a room food to purchase something used with age behind it.

      You know when I moved out on my own the first piece of furniture was a sofa, a piece I built around, and second was the dinning table and it was hand made…..loving photos 1-3-8

      A beautiful weekend to you my dear.

      Love this post. Our vintage farmhouse table is 22 yrs old now and has drawings on the underside done by my children when they were wee ones. It is the table that we still gather around when they come home to visit for holiday meals, wine and game nights!