Morning Darlins…
      Hope your staying cool where ever you are… Here in SoCal it is overcast and cool. 
      My family is out on the bay this morning testing our boat after it’s summer conditioning!
      I stayed behind and will get some work done!
      {NEED SUN}…

      Anticipating summer…
       I think most of us love to dream of those laid back summer interiors that are really effortless. 
      Where lounging around is expected. Entertaining implies, a come as you are, hang out and relax!

      Here are a few inspiring photos I found via {Pinterest}.

      I hope you you will feel that summer vintage cool blue vibe…

      A vintage wood dresser and mirrors all faded and loved in pale blue.
      A vintage rag top, just barely blue. Near a charming cottage.

      OK… as a mother of boys this shot is classic! 
      Barefoot boys in overalls on the tailgate of a vintage truck!

      {I have a cool photo of 6 boys all in swim trunks in my vintage Mercedes ragtop} 
       It is my favorite photo!
      This tile is beautiful… Just add a white farm sink and you could have a stunning kitchen!
      So pretty in a bath with a crisp white pedestal tub… 
      With tile like this the rest of the bath should be simple, not to compete.
      Faucet is fab!

      Who wants to ride and get some ice-cream?
       It would be so fun to hop on this vintage blu vespa!

      My Design tip: Summer style is all about relaxed and comfy spaces. 
      Adding some vintage fabrics like ticketing, seersucker and linen are timeless, 
      plus they are easy to care for.

      Visit my vintage collection for sale at  CASUAL LOVES ELEGANCE shop on SSO. SECOND SHOUT OUT has great summer decor pieces!
      These are  perfect for summer decor!
      I hope you come by and visit 
      My Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage” post 
      every Saturday 
      Have a sweeeeet weekend!


      Lovely! I've found that lately blue has been appealing to me more and more, especially the pale blue of the vintage dresser.

      I am a new follower, hope you can visit me if you get a moment!

      Perfect reflections on summer, Gail!