Hi Darlins…
      Hope your 4th was fun! 
      Catching up around here, I need longer days! I haven’t had time to post anything…
      Started working on a new room and it takes a lot of time to fit that in too!
      I will fill you in when I can.. sooo excited!
      We have been enjoying the delicious fruit on our trees and from the farmer’s markets…
      These rainier cherry’s are our favorite!
      A few pieces of my ironstone collection!!!

      I can’t believe Lincoln, our new Saint Bernard puppy just had his Happy half-Birthday…
      {6 months old}.

      He is HUGE, probably weighs 80+ish! 
      All I know is, it is hilarious trying to get him in and out of any vehicle. 
      He doesn’t jump,
       He doesn’t like heights!!!
      His fur is getting longer and he is so puppish and clumbsy! 
      omgoodness, LOVE him, he’s adorable.
      Hope your getting ready for a Sweeeeet weekend!