Do you find when it’s your birthday month you get excited too?
      As I began saying the First of August that this is my favorite month….

      For me…. I savor every day of it
      have wonderful memories to reflect upon throughout the month.

      As I look around my home I see little touches of pink {my favorite color} ..
      As a young girl …
      my mom kept a pretty petite crystal covered “candy dish” filled with enticing little hard candies. 
      Usually lemon drops!
      {& colorful ones like these for my birthday}
      When I found these, I remembered the dish….
      YES…had to have them… 
      I‘m not really a candy girl, 
      but these so reminded me of my mom… that I love the idea for my home.
      I’ve been doing this a long time!

      In our home it’s usually a holiday or special occasion thing, mostly for it’s sweet meaning!
      My family is more into baked goodies & ice-cream!

      It’s those little simple reminders, 
      seeing them comforts me 
      &  perhaps 
      for a moment takes me back to those days… like a warm hug!

      I’m so nostalgic & silly like that…

      A beautiful day Darlins
      I hope you get a big hug inside from something special you see today!