Happy Friday*

      Today I’m wishing my sweetheart *Happy Birthday* {No post about him, he’s off blog land limits}!
      Ok I had to at least wish him a HB…..
      We jumped the gun a bit… Ya’ll know I’m renovating, the origin dishwasher that was in the kitchen when we purchase the house died a couple years ago, so we removed it. We didn’t want to buy a new one until the new kitchen was completed. I would like to claim we are a fun couple… Think of it… as a romantic outing, just the two of us strolling hand in hand through the beautiful stainless appliances! Stay with me…it usually is followed by a little lunch or dinner!
      Seriously, love to look at home appliances, bath fixtures anything to do with design, home or landscaping. I have to check out everything I do my homework on everything and only buy the very best quality. We purchased our dishwasher and it has just been sitting waiting under a painter’s cloth in the dining room in appliance alley! We haven’t had a dishwasher for over a year..
      We finally gave in and said let’s install we can’t do another dish by hand… {we will just take it out for a couple days when we are installing cabinets}
      Ok, I’m serious darlins.. When it comes to appliances I must be frank… I’m extremely, selective. At our beach house I had a Asko and a Viking. Both nice, though we had water spots on our dishes. I want crystal clear, sparkling glassware and silverware!
      Absolutely this new dishwasher the most amazing one yet!
      This swedish beauty is a “Miele”. It is Fabulous and it uses this cute salt to condition the water just for it’s own use. I like to think it add s extra sparkle. Inside and out are stainless. Sooo quiet! Yes… complete with a pretty little chime when the cycle is completed.

      If your in the market for a new dishwasher… I highly recommend this Miele {Optima} She’s pricy but value and performance are excellent! {this isn’t the entry model}.
      Here is a picture of our”Miss Miele”. BYTW The Meile vacuum is fabulous too. I am on my second one! I have been using Miele products for about 20 years!
      My design tip: When purchasing appliances, do your homework. Buy the best you can afford. Stainless or custom wood panels will hold their value best for resale. Unless you are going with the European model ranges {stove} then they are the “Ultimate”. In their own category of Fabulous! Note: must get the specs of appliances or purchase ahead of the cabinets. Or you will have a huge problem with the appliance not fitting.
      I know she would sing if she had beautiful cabinets surrounding her! Did I tell you my middle name? It’s Patience!!!


      Hey Gail, Thanks for the info. You sound like my husband. He checks into everything and then re-checks again and again. I'm the opposite, my middle name is no paitience. I can't wait to see the final outcome of your new space. Have a great weekend.

      Thanks for the tip ~ I might be in need of a new dishwasher very soon! xo