A lovely Monday to you Darlins,

      Hope you all had a beautiful Mother’s Day!

      Yesterday was Mother’s Day and it began quite lovely…
      I woke to a cozy fire in the dining room fireplace where we had tea & lattes.
       Soon our youngest son joined us. 
      Minded hes’s 6ft now, my husband is 6’4 and I’m 5’8….
       We giggled as we sat all three squished together on curved velvet vintage settee near the fire looking at old trucks & performance motors for the H2!
      My oldest son called from out of state early to wish me Happy Mother’s Day… Miss him!
      Wait…. it gets better, 
      They picked oranges from our trees & made fresh juice for the Almond champange mimosa’s.
      After one… I had to get down to the grove to pick 8 boxes of Lemons {800 lemons}.
      I’m down in the grove…
      sun is shining, birds singing and I’m famished…

      My son drives up in his off road thingy! He has roses from my garden & a handmade card for me…
      Hop in Mom, were going to breakfast, it’s a surprise!

      He takes me here….
      …. To our garden Folly! 
      Look who’s waiting for us, Mr. Lincoln.
      A hand made note….
      My Husband & son surprised me with a beautiful Mother’s Day Breakfast…

      All my favorite things…
      Candles, roses from my garden, Belguim waffles, almond champange mimosas, fresh fruit from the farmers stand.
       All of us together in my favorite place….
       Home in the Garden Folly
       with my favorite peeps!

      mmmm, they cleaned up & later made Tri tip for dinner…

       An amazing Mother’s day one for the books….
      that I so appreciated from the bottom of my heart….

      Thank you sweethearts for making my Mother’s Day so special & just gorgeous!

      The only thing missing was my Mother… she is in the heavens probably thinking good job men!!!

      I’m leaving for a trip this week so I thing they might want to make sure I remember this while I’m gone!!!

      A beautiful week to you Darlins!

      Thank you for your email Gail, it was so kind of you to explain your experiance, you are beautiful inside and out.

      Someday I know we will meet.


      Such a sweet family gathering!