Hello Summer
      Yipeeeeee……schools out!
      Raise the flag!
      Photo: Gail Smith-Peterson
      At our home, it’s officially summer when the last day of school has ended.

      I always hang something on my front door…

      This vintage peanut butter jar is filled with flowers from the garden on my new find { hook} 
      from the flea market in the midwest!

      My favorite memories are of the summers at the lake house. 
      You could feel the change in the air once school was out!!!
      I don’t think I went a day with out my bikini, i
      it was so faded & snagged from the wooden dock it only survived a single summer!

      Accessorizing our homes for summer is fun isn’t it?
      I love love love to see patriotic items scattered around the house.
      Warmer evenings tempting us to slice up a big juicy watermelon & make smores.

      Let’s get our interiors feeling like summer.
      With a little help from Pinterest

      All Pinterest

      My Design tip: Bringing out the patriotic interior accessories now you will have a junp on 4th of July.

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      Shop for summer interior finds at SSO

      Take your shoes off, 
      throw on a straw hat 
      enjoy this beautiful day!

      Love your summer inspiration here Gail, not only did I spent time in a crochet string bikini top in white, and hot pink or black string bottoms also sitting on the end of a dock, we water skied all summer long, and when we moved to Northern Ca. We ran off to the lakes and beaches so very often.

      Your inspiration photos draw my style in, often I have wanted to find that perfect Indian area rug, with plenty of black greys, and creamy whites, and a terra cotta tone.

      Love the Americana feel, also feeling very Ralph Lauren !

      Gail, love the jar hanging on your door, I just put a beat up white planked square coffee table on my front porch so I could sit by it and read on warm summer nights. And fill jars of flowers placed on it with lit lanterns and firefly lights.

      Your black door is a favorite of mine…. More or your home dear show off that romantic country living.

      See you soon.


      Such a cheerful post Gail!

      I lived in my bikini too…barefoot, dark tan and long blonde hair…a California girl. We spent every waking hour at the lake near our home during the week. On the weekends we would pack up our baby blue VW bus and travel to lakes all over California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah to camp because my Dad was a professional bass fisherman. I loved Summer.