The other night we sat out on our terrace and enjoyed the beautiful hot air balloons that quietly glided over our house. I love that! It is so pretty to see.

      Earlier that day I found a new love…
      It is a local place called Baker & Olive* Infused Basalmic, Olive oils wines and handmade breads.
      Oh my goodness! Right up my cooking alley. So we bought some and that’s what we prepared for dinner.
      Handmade bread, some delicious cheeses for pairing with oils and basalmic and a salad. A few fresh tomatoes from the garden… It was like we were in Napa!
      A perfect summer evening poolside.

      I hope your enjoying the summer evenings!
      Have fun it’s the best month of summer*

      What a perfect summer night! We have a place similiar to the one you desribed and you walk in and you suddenly feel so inspired to creat something wonderful, simple meals made from summers best being my favorite kind of meal!
      Sounds amazing….enjoy the rest of the summer, its slipping away too fast for me….