Darlings...Hope your off to have a fabulous weekend...Our weather here in So.Cal has been just perfect for the whole month,we truly are so spoiled here!

      I have been trying to get organized… I have been editing my things and organizing cupboards etc. Beginning a new year, I feel that urge to get my space refreshed and clear!

      Finding this special vintage cupboard has to be one of my favorite pieces.. I first spied it then yes…began pining for it! Each visit it I would re-measure it… as if I didn’t already know the measurements by heart. Then I would check the price, again …in hopes I misread it the last time! Eventually I purchased it along with two other fabulous vintage pieces I’ll share later with you.
      Here is what I know from the shopkeeper. This was the only piece she had ever seen like this! This is a 1890s’ European vintage{Antique} pine piece, it was called a “Housekeeping cupboard”… Don’t you love that description!! You know I couldn’t breath when I heard this!
      In a stately chateau or french farmhouse, I can just imagine the crisply ironed, stacked vintage linens and eiderdowns on the shelfs displayed just like a shop.. Of course with all the beautiful monograms facing out, for quick recognition. Immediately, I knew what the piece would be used for. It will be perfect for the new kitchen, holding all of my dishes and vintage table linens! It is 8’1/2 H x 11′ W. It is all pine and it is one of a kind the shopkeeper told me. When she assured me that she has only come across this one, in all of her travels and shopping, I knew that I would cherish it in my kitchen!
      My design tip:When shopping for an Antique piece, consider how you intend to use it. Antiques like this are fabulous… but might not be strong enough to support a lot of load on the shelfs or in the drawers.

      Have a beautiful Saturday*

      Beautiful cupboard! I love your blog I will be book marking this page for sure!The online Bed Shop

      Gail it is indeed a gorgeous piece!!
      I would be like you revisiting my find until finally it was at home!!

      Art by Karena

      That cupboard is just beautiful and with all the white, it really pops..fabulous!