A lovely morning… A little mist in the air here in SoCal. 
      Heading out to the garden a bit later.

       I have been cleaning like no other.. 
      Renovating and living in the house at the same time is a challenge I must say!
      Dust is everywhere!
      Oh well! LOVE my renovation!

      Sounds so french!
       Do you know what they are?
      They are a ornamental recess in the wall.
       They are so beautiful… if done correctly.
      This niche is in our home. I designed this in the foyer leading to the boyz master suites.

       Lighting is key so you have to either understand lighting or hire someone with experience.
       A electrician{knows how to wire it}
       A lighting professional will get it right!

      Same niche, styled with large aluminum letters for my BOYZ….with a vintage Football helmet.
      I usually have it styled like this..
      Occasionally I restyle for the season.
       This is what I have in the niche at the moment. A large lantern filled with some flowers from the garden in a paper cone, and other favorite vintage accourtements!

      What ever elements you put in the niches, gets the spotlight!!
      Niches aren’t just for displaying… they can be for little cozy corners too!
      Like this one found on Pinterest. Sorry don’t have original source.

      Cozy on up on up in here!!!! Love that space…

       Read the rest of this “Saturday’s Designing with vintage” for Second Shout Out
      Hope you visit my store and do a little shopping while your there and visit the other stores. 
      Fabulous vintage you will be so inspired!

      Seriously..if have any questions on Niches drop me a email and I would love to help.

      Have a beautiful Saturday!


      You've done a beautiful job in creating this niche. I'm inspired and wondering if I can find one in my wall.