This is one of my favorite table lamps. It was my Mother’s and I remember her having it on her nightstand. My Dad built this dressing table for my 16th birthday and she gave it to me then…

      Its very vintage, possibly it was hers when she was growing up!!!!
      I added the pink vintage buttons many years ago and I never took them off….
      It is very thick glass and heavy with all original crystals & I love that the inside fittings of the fixture are silver. I have several others she gave me over the years but this is my Favorite. This must of been her Style.
      Today the lamp sits in my living room on that same table my Dad made for me… With a vase of beautiful fresh flowers and some vintage books. The table has so many memories attached to it as well…A few fun facts and stories of the table…
      My Dad took me with him to pick out the materials, the legs,and decorative trim. We painted the table White and had a thick glass top made for the top. My Dad was very good at making and building things. I know I appreciate this piece more now than ever before..
      I used this table for a little desk & breakfast table for my {Chocolate croissants and tea} when I was modeling and living in La during the week. When my first son was born I used it as a “changing table” in my bedroom…The table came full circle when I used it in my guesthouse for my parents. When we moved to our country house I put it in a room for my Dad to use for a desk & to have his coffeee on. He slipped his favorite photos under the glass of my Mom and family…. He used it every day!!! I don’t think I will ever have the heart to get rid of it….
      I love how furniture an items have such a history of uses and stories…..That’s why I love vintage. There is such a loved quality & always a STORY.

      Why oh why
      would you ever
      WANT to get rid
      of it???? Not only
      is it lovely, but
      such beautiful
      memories attached
      to it….
      I call this a
      "burning building"
      object ~ You know,
      one of the things
      that you'd grab
      if your house was
      to catch fire!
      My dad and I
      refinished a desk
      for my room when
      I was in high school.
      What a fun thing
      it is to collaborate
      on a project with
      your dad : )
      xx Suzanne
      PS: The internet
      here at the beach is
      terrible. Sorry it
      took me so long to
      pop back over!