Hi Darlins,
      Sharing our stories and others with us is such a gift… sometimes we don’t get the opportunity to know the story behind a vintage piece… So it’s fun to imagine a little.

      A life of 95 years was lived and passed peacefully a couple of weeks ago..
      On Sunday we paid tribute to my mother-n-laws 95 years of life.  A proud women who was a dedicated teacher for many years and lived in the same home over 60 years. She will be missed…
      As we were sifting through 60 years of items, looking and hoping to find any special mementos and keepsakes …
      I couldn’t help think of the stories that were never told. Was life simpler? Was travel enchanting?

      We didn’t find many treasures… though I fortunetly found a couple things that told a story by a simple monogram or some writing on the back. A family member’s silver baby spoon was found with his initials…polished up and returned to him. The expression of gratitude said it all when he read the initials…

      Above are a few items that came home with us. 

      Oh …. Thank you Susan at SSO Second Shout Out blog for posting about Casual Loves Elegance today.  Go on over and visit here  http://www.secondshoutout.com/blog

      Have a pretty Thursday*


      I love the rhinestone faced clock , I collect them and have a few in my collection. I did a post not long ago about them

      I love anything monogrammed, i buy things at estate sale with the previous owners initials