Morning Darlins,
      Hope your holidays’s were wonderful….
      We will be packing away our holiday decorations and accouterments this week.
      With 2015 around the corner it’s time to freshen up and edit our spaces for enjoying the calm and cozy winter days. 
      It’s the perfect time to re-think ordinary storage. 
      Utilizing vintage items for storage is a cool way to incorporate a solution into your decor.

      I have several suitcases that I stack. They are pure storage. 
      Each one stores holiday contents inside and marked by little tages i made. 
      They can be moved anywhwere , and can be used for anything you like to keep readily available.

      The wall of suicases is a cool idea too.

      More ideas from this post on SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG today with my series Saturday “Designing with vintage” Shop my store Casual Loves Elegance!

      My Design tip: Storage is essential for everyone. If your going to buy something, think outside the box and look for something vintage that adds character to your space.
      New Year.

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      I love suitcases too and use them all the time for storage and decorating! Love it!

      Now this is a great idea to store away holiday items! I am off for one more week from school and I believe I will also put away my décor. It's time to freshen up,indeed! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Anita