This has been a gorgeous Spring week in SoCal…

      I love the longer days of Spring
       for air drying my vintage linens.
      Love this vintage french enamel soap dish for my clothes pins…
      Air drying vintage linens, textiles in the sun is less damaging on these pieces…
      I love these cotton quilted vintage coverlets….
      So cozy and light but warm, 
      I have a few…ok, collection!

      I have a few PINK vintage pieces I L*O*V*E
      here are three of them, 
      The vintage pale pink baby * bassinet *
      The vintage pale pink * metal stool *
      The vintage pale pink * wood ladder *
      This ladder is so old it has string to connect the legs!

      My personal preference since I’m a bit ok, a lot…picky
      is only painted pink pieces I find already pink…
       the paint must be old with lots of layers…

      I have seen some old pink ladders someone has thrown some pink pink paint on! It isn’t my cup of tea!
      {I would never paint anything newer pink to look old}!
      The pink baby bassinet was perfect for caring out my linens…
      This little Spring paper crown from a friend…
       I have been waiting for Spring to bring it outside!
      I happen to love fresh berries
       so happy Spring is here!!
      When Spring rolls around I think of all the new animals, new babies and puppies! 
      Mr. Lincoln our new Saint Bernard puppy is 11 weeks now,
      he has been playing in the boxwoods, enjoying the sunshine…
      Yikes…he almost tipped over the rasberries and stepped on my white linens!!!
       A few of my vintage german paper easter eggs in the birdhouse…
       I think it’s to big for a bird to take don’t you!

      My design tip: Using your vintage linens will inspire you to take better care of them.

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      Well it’s almost Easter and I have a few more things to do after the baseball game this morning… Having some friends for a little Spring dinner party this evening,
      I can’t wait to get to the baking!
      Have a gorgeous Easter…
      Blessings to all