Haven’t we have all been patiently awaiting Spring!

      LOVE that it’s here..

      Let’s hope the weather remembers to follow!!!
      A chilly, rainy & windy morning for the first day of Spring here in So. Cal.
      The rain has stopped for a few minutes and I hear the Birdies…
      Every year I find these Jasmine topiary’s.
      {Wouldn’t they be so beautiful growing up and over a arch}
      I love the delicate pink flowers and incredible Fragrance.
      Here are a few photos of some Spring Accruements in my Foyer..
      A little dark not much natural light this morning!
      Wishing you a Beautiful Spring Monday*

      Your spring arrangments are beautiful!!!

      Happy Spring! I, too hope the weather follows because it's dark, gloomy and rainy here today. Love the french container your flowers are displayed in.

      Enjoy your day!