Morning Darlins,
      Today’s creative spaces take on the individuality of the artist.
      It’s truly a personal space with items gathered to inspire and promote creative energy.

      I L*O*V*E seeing the imaginiation through the spaces.
      Everyone needs a place to refuel
       let the artisan emerge.

      Photos Pinterest
      My Design tip: When it comes to personalizing spaces, bring vintage pieces in you love. 
      It’s your space and it should be all you dream of.

      A beautiful last weekend of January to you!

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      Just gorgeous. It is true; we all need a special place where we can look up from time to time from our work and see the inspiration. For me, it has to be white, light and non-cluttered; my mine is cluttered enough with ideas! Have a super Sunday, beautiful one! Anita

      Awwww! Gail, I love the last space, it a space that would inspire the creative depths of my soul.
      I would make it home and studio.

      Thank you for the inspiration on spaces.


      Studio spaces are my favorite and I love mine. These are all what I love. Thank you for more inspiration.