OUR youngest son is on the 12 year old little ENLL League All Star team. He is very excited to be a part of a great group of players. The team has been playing consistently very well!

      We have played 7 games and won all 7. Yesterday… they had a big game and it was a *W*
      Our team won the District #31 Championship!
      So cute… The boys were on the local San Diego sports news and we {Players and Families} all gathered around on two TVs at the coaches house to see the interview! Today this team photo with the banner was in the paper!
      It is so fun to see them play and have so much fun as teammates and friends.
      There are parties and then there are parties and then some more parties! A fabulous group of parents and all so proud of our ENLL Little Leaguers!
      So today is a day off from the coach and on tuesday it’s back to Baseball business.
      Here are some pics of the CHAMPS! A Chocolate Celebration Cake course… you have to celebrate with a cake so my husband and I stopped off on the way to the celebration party to get this one for everyone!
      Happy Monday!

      Wow congratulations to your son and his team, thats a huge accomplishment. Don't you love it when you luck out and get a great group of parents too? Thats like the icing on an already sweet cake!

      Congratulations to Cade and the entire team so thrilling it brings back wonderful memories
      Will be watching to hear how they do at the District tournament