Happy Valentines Darlins!
      Ah a day, A saturday of LOVE….
      We’re all a little more mushy today… I love it!

      First *
      It’s the perfect occasion to share some love for some people who love what they do.
      Today…more so than ever as consumers we have a choice who and where to ultimately give our business to.
      For most of us when it comes to making larger purchases we give them alot of thought and preparation. 
      We do our value comps on the internet, we read reports etc.
        We’re savy consumers that are looking for a sense of accountability, trust and old school appreciation.
      I think most of us are on the same consumer page…

      We had the pleasure of doing business with The team at Penske Jaguar Land Rover Cerritos.
      A well staffed and managed Team by Erik Vander Meulen & Sales gentlemen Victor Navarez. 
      They provided us with an impressive level of excellence in customer service. 
       A rare and memorable experience…
      More than anything it’s how they made me feel!

      So much so I coudn’t wait to share some *LOVE* right back to them.

      A special Thank You filled with appreciative LOVE. 
       I’m smitten!
      A heart shape on anything makes me look twice. 
      Just like the ones we love,
       if we look twice we’re smitten.
      I fell in love with this big nest like heart & have it in my garden house, I think the birds like it too!
      I have a little collection of hearts,  a favorite this Valentines.

      Moving on to…..
       Saturday’s Designing with Vintage ….
      I talk about adding some visual love with hearts or words spelling out that special message!

      My Design tip: If you are looking for something to buy look twice at it your smitten. It’s meant for you.
      Hop over to Second Shout Out blog for my Saturday’s “Designing with Vintag” post 
      & shop for something special & vintage.

      I hope your day is filled with all 
      who you L*O*V*E

      Gail how creative to show LOVE Lights at the back of your SUV!! I love it! I hope that you had a wonderful Valentines weekend!!

      The Arts by Karena

      Nice to hear a bit more about your family, and your likes. My daughter and I also very picky on how we care for our autos and home care. I get it, with what you can haul, and anything I might haul is well wrapped and nothing oversized that would scratch anything 🙂

      Your Lemon cookies sound wonderful, of course your lemon grove played a big roll in the beauty of your cookies.
      Looking forward to your next post, would love to see more of what and how you create in your home 🙂



      Hi I'm glad your streching it through the weekend!
      Ya know you may be right it must be spanish moss! It is very bristley. I love the organic shape.
      Have a gorgeous day!

      Hi Dore, I hope you had a beautiful Valentines Day!
      Thank you, me too. I love SUV's for the safety factor, plus all the men in my family are very tall. The shortest is 6' now at 16! He will get there probably 6'3 or more… Those long legs! I still have a H2 which I love! On the fence if I will let go of it…

      I wouldn't normally post about something like this but I felt I needed to show my appreciation and sincerly was happy with them. My experiences in everything is simple. How did they make me feel? For some, it be all about the deal, but for me it's a little deeper – simply both.

      I have orders not to haul in it! Maybe something wrapped careful a little chandy or some tea cups and of course homemade cookies!

      A gorgeous Sunday to you and yours

      Making lemon cookies for a Oscar pre-party tonight at a friends!

      Hi Gail, who wouldnt spread some love to your dealers with Range Rover.
      I bought my beautiful Black wire mesh chrome bright grill, known as the mofia grill black, black black on black JAGUAR from them, I sold it a few months ago after owning 5 years and bought a Range Rover that I drove to Santa Barbara Ca. to do the Prairie-Style Wedding shoot with Fifi and Mark I loaded it down with all kinds of props and still had plenty of room. You are going to love your new baby.

      I am also looking at the Lincoln MKX S.U.V for my daughter we love that ride as well, nice a safe feeling. I love suv's something about the comfort, size and all the salvage you can squeeze I to one.

      Love all your beautiful photos, and that new baby of yours is a beauty.

      Happy Valentines Day to you and yours.


      Oh that Spanish moss heart….YES! I hope you had a lovely day? I did. And I plan on having another lovely one today!