Morning Darlins,
      Summer is the season when we dream of a small getaway cottage.
      A vintage charmer.
      A little space that we could simply get away to!

      Here is a dozen I fell in love with…
      & thought you might too!
      Just add vintage accessories & furniture!
       Do you have a favorite yet???

      Something makes me happy about a beautiful charming cottage….

      My Design tip: Small spaces can hold everything you need, pare down & simply live in the space. You will be surprised how cozy and fun it can be.

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      A beautiful summer weekend to you,

      All photos today on this post Pinterest

      Thank you for flipp'n my long ago 'dream' switch on

      Hi! Adorable cottages! I recognize the blue and teal one with the dock; it's at Red Oak II not far from me. I am a photographer and I take many photo sessions over there. 🙂

      I own and live in a small cottage just like these. Although, seeing these pics, I'm feeling inspired to spruce mine up! Thanx for these great pics.

      do you have inside pic's? we adore the rustic log one!!!

      Howdy! Do you have the sources for these pics? Interested in following up on one. Thanks! 🙂

      Hi Gail who could just pick one to dream up a getaway home to relax in, some of them are life like play houses in ones back yards and that would be totally fine with me. Out last home before I sold it had a life size play house for my daughter a perfect sweet getaway.

      You also have a little garden house open to the beauty of your life and home you should have added your precious garden space room to this list, maybe not a closed of sleeping space but a charming open space to taking in its inspiring beauty.

      Thank you dear for inspiring my day with the creative little homes.