Morning Darlins, welcome to saturday morning! 
      We are having Santa Ana winds here in So Cal.. 
      Only one word for it HOT*** 
      I know the beaches will be standing room only!! The cinema sounds like a plan for this afternoon, where it is cool…
      Last week I started looking for the vintage linens I had in mind for a apron skirt under the vintage sink in the butler’s pantry. I wanted to see what might fit etc.
       Well…that lead to completely taking every thing out of the housekeeping cabinet to find them. What a project that turned out to be!

       I found them!
      I found this oversized European vintage slop sink in Los Angeles in an Architectural Salvage store. 
      I saw it sitting on the floor and fell in love with it.
       I love the curves of it, one sink is deeper than the other.
       It is huge and very heavy..
      Knowing I had a vision of a large scale sink for the butler’s pantry, I had to have i!
       It is centered under the new french windows…
      The sink will go through a restoration process. 
      I can’t wait to see it finished… all shiny, clean, white and the perfect piece for this space.
      I’m hunting hardware now, I need two back mount faucets, I love plumbing hardware too… it is the jewelry for the piece!
        I think I am leaning towards this vintage eyelet piece… It is actually a old slip/skirt circa 1900, used to go under a lady’s riding skirt. It is 4′ wide allowing for a nice gather…

      I can’t wait to infuse Lavender into the water when I’m hand washing vintage linens like these,
      in my restored little gem!!!
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      my store Casual Loves Elegance there too!

      Have a beautiful Saturday

      OMG, I just love it too. Never would I have thought of this, so bravo to you !!