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      Casual Loves Elegance

      …everyday living

      If you desire living in a home that has a Casual Loves Elegance feel, then a little reminder to remember, it’s found in the details. Our vintage wares will beautifully help create a home with a feeling of meaningful depth.  I love vintage, it’s nostalgia that truly makes a home special.  I use vintage pieces throughout my home.  It’s essential to see the past treasured and repurposed.

        An item that’s not vintage will be marked as such and is only chosen if it aligns 100% with our brand, and I will only share an item with you that I would personally use in my life or home.

      Gift cards in shop are also available for yourself, for any occasion from the shopping fairy!  Our gift card can be used for the $26 Buck Design question too.

      Enjoy looking around the shop, I’ll be scouting for you and adding product as found.

      Please let me know if there is an item you’ve been pining for, I’ll add it to my scout list.

       I love all facets of home.  Providing these items for you or your home is an honor, I thank you!