Happy Saturday!
      I know you are all busy preparing for the holidays…

      I have a few minutes before I have to get ready for a party!
      What I love about vintage ornaments is the pure elegance they have.
      When the ornaments age, they become a golden hue that i think is so lovely.


      Beautiful golden slippers in a row are a welcome place for St. Nick to leave a special treat.

      On to Christmas reds…

      Slight crisp touches of red have a Scandinavian feel.
      So true!
      My Design tip: Mixing shimmery textures adds elegance to your holiday decor. Pops of christmas reds hold the tradition and keep decor fresh. Using a bit of both with fresh green is a beautiful Holiday home.

      Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG for the whole post on Saturday’s Designing with vintage.
      Also vintage things in my shop just hop over, it can still arrive to you before Christmas!

      I hope you have a beautiful weekend!


      Loved that first photo so much… I made it into a post before reading all the way through yours! 🙂

      A red and white Christmas is so calm. And bright. Cheers!