Happy White Wednesday  Darlins…
      Tis the season when everyone wants something…
      You hear it everywhere… radio television and you read and see it in all the publications.
      What is wanting?
      Why do we want?
       A single word that can have so many attachments.
      My attachments to the word…
      I have had many wants from a young girl…throughout the years I see them the same, only really one.
      Though as I get older… those same wants haven’t changed, they have more clarity. 
      Little did I know, I had clarity at a young age.
       Putting what I saw and experienced translated into words came when I got older…
      Does that make sense?
      I only have had One consistent, lifetime real want.
       A beautiful existance:
      With everything that I surround myself and my family core with to be kind and sincere.
       To hold appreciation for our past and our future.
       To see others for who they really are, and to value only those who are true.
       I want this and strive for this in mine and my family’s everyday life… 
      not just because of a Holiday.
      Simple and true, though not easy attained…
      I would love to hear what you really WANT?
      Have a beautiful day ya’ll

      Love the angel wings!



      It's funny how we get older and so many things change including our wants. My want is to be with my family on a regular basis not just holidays. Maybe? We'll see. Have a good night.

      Gail, this is wonderful. I want close happy times with my family, more love, caring and peace in this world.
      Good Health, which has eluded me for some time; however I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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