Morning Darlins…

      Yikes…Days are flying by, I haven’t had a chance to blog or visit blogs!
       Promise I’ll get back into rhythm again….

      Most important…Just back from Our family vacation…which was excellent!!!
      Mountains * Sun * Water * Boats * Family * & Erna’s
      all my favs!
      All I can tell you is I took a bazillion shots as I usually do,
       and I’m pretty sure…
       I took 
      “THE ONE”
      {FAB PHOTO}
      It is my personal way of knowing when I get it..
      Years ago, my modeling agent {who was amazing} shared her philosophy with me.
      {grateful for all the beautiful things I got to experience during my career}

      to my post 

      A simple staple from the kitchen… Sea salt {SEL}
       Who would of thought that displaying 
      our salt would get noticed or have a trend!
      For our family Sea Salt is our everyday salt.
      Salt from my kitchen…
      I love keeping this vintage silver shell filled with sea salt near my stove.
      I have this tiny silver scoop in it, to season the dish.
      I use this larger glass salt cellar as my storage, easy to take the lid off and scoop some out.
      On our vacation I found this vintage glass cylinder shape tube with a embossed silver top!
      When we got home I polished the lid and it’s so pretty!
      It’s perfect for the sea salt rub I use for marinade.

      For some its about the collecting…

      Loving this collection of french enamel isn’t it beautiful!
      Practical for storing herbs as well…
      I have an allumettes… {which means matches}

      SEL is SALT

      This vintage silver salt & pepper duo is beautiful for dining table.

      These vintage shakers are fun if you are a collector!


      ELVIS shoes
      President John F. Kennedy
      Football player

      My design tip: Simple everyday things can become special and much more interesting displayed with vintage style.

      Have a beautiful day y’all!

      They have some fab vintage salt cellars and shakers!
      Visit my store Casual Loves Elegance


      Hi Jojo! Thank you for visiting. I thought it would be a useful post! Fun to share my ideas!
      Have a great week!

      I'd never thought of salt in such an elegant way before your post. A very lovely post for something most of us take for granted.