Happy tuesday…
      Over the weekend it was really warm here, Sunday we took the boat out on Mission bay,
       as we were leaving the boat dock OMGoodness, we saw this mommie SEA LION and her baby sunning on their sides.
      Do you see the baby SEA LION leaning back on the mommie! I have never been this close to one!
      What a  precious moment. They didn’t move as boats were passing by!
      It’s been too hot for my basil outside, it was wilting! so I brought it inside.

       a fresh fragrant herb, smells delicious when I walk in the kitchen.
      Tonight I am making a watermelon salad
      …with Basil!

      A beautiful evening Darlins,

      Mission Bay and beach was my favorite place when I attended UCSD. Then I moved back to Northern California and finished college at CSUS. I was on the crew team ( rowing) and we traveled for races so I was able to row on Mission Bay! But my favorite thing about the Mission Bay area was the cafe's where I could sit outside with my girlfriends in the early mornings for coffee and muffins.
      It probably all looks different now.

      Your basil is beautiful and I bet the fragrance fills your house.
      Thank you Gail for reminding me of my days in Southern California. xo