Happy Saturday Darlins
      Welcome to  No. 4 of  Saturday’s “Designing with vintage”
       from my home to yours.
      {Scroll down to the week before No. 1 if you want to review or more}
      Today I’ll be showing you vintage pieces that I have found
      how I’ve curated them in and around our home for the Autumn season.

      Let’s get started with the street lamp base.
      The vintage horn handle fork is a family heirloom.
      I love using vintage school flashcards!
      I’ve placed it in an isle of our Lemon Grove.
      It is two pieces that would of fit around the base of a street light. It’s how I found it.
      Material is cast iron.
      Pumkins & grapevine always convey fall!
      Go ahead shop my house!

      While we’re outside let’s head over to the Tin Man’s shed.
      {I’ll take you here again another time}
      I’ve repurposed an old rake & hung it on the Carriage door.

      A twig of the pepper tree is naturally pretty anywhere!

      LOVE... this vintage french bistro chair, I found two of them. 
      It folds!
      Heavy, it was already black.
      I don’t paint my objects very often.
      I love finding them as they are.
      Stay with me we’re going inside my house now!
      This is one of the fireplaces in our home.
      It hasn’t been renovated YET!
      at the moment it’s my Gathering room…
      My favorite Antique find.
      {this one really is my favorite}
      This french mirror is very tall.
       I love the detail so much I use as my blog header here on Casual Loves Elegance.
      I found it at a Antique shop locally in Solana Beach.

      On the mantle you see the white square candle holders I repurposed from old fence posts caps.
      Repurposed ceiling tin makes for a great little planter.
       The dried hydrangeas are reminders of the season.

      My wish here is to inspire with your own creativity in & around your own home.
      Truely was lovely of you to visit as always.

      A beautiful Saturday to you,