Happy Holidays!
      Welcome to  Saturday’s “Designing with vintage” series No. 9 from my home.

      Are you enjoying all that the season brings, 
      We are all scurring about so the posts are short & sweet for the next few weeks
      I’ll be packing them with inspiration I hope you’ll savor!

      This vintage sink I found years ago up in a salvage store in Los Angeles.

      SHE is finally home, it will be inloaded later today off the truck when we can rangle some muscle, 4 men!

      She is GORGEOUS.
      I had to peak and tear the plastic…
      those are rain drops!
      Beautiful curves..
      This is how I found her, stuck in the back room amongst all the other lonely bath fixtures.
      I had to get her out of there & restore her beauty.
      After a couple years I finally found a restoration place…in my state!
       I took her a few weeks ago, the bottom of the sink was badly pitted, I wasn’t sure it could be done.

      I took her here 

      Randy La Page and his team restored the elegance back to this old sink. 

      They are magical.
       I am so happy with the finished resoration. 
      They are the only place in near San Diego I found,
       I did alot of searching and talking to people.

      RANDY LA PAGE from RW LITTLE came to my home, inspected it and said yes they would be able to restore her.

      NEXT…. is going to to new faucets & drain. Soon she will be placed in the Butler’s pantry.
      I will do a full post when she is all set in place in the reveal.

      SOOOOO this is how I design with vintage!

      I hope your inspired, it’s nonsense to be scared of something old, 
      just do your homework, ask questions & be patient anything is possible.

       I can help you at CLE Design just send me a email.

      Shop for gifts in my store.

      Enjoy the beauty of the season,

      It's going to be amazing when she is restored…. I can't wait for the grand reveal 🙂