Happy Saturday Darlins,

      Welcome to No. 7 “Designing with Vintage” from my home.

      Our home is being renovated & we are living in it…
      We are in the drywall phase now so it shouldn’t be alot longer!!!

      I love out of the ordinary storage, I love charm with practical.

      So here’s one of my cabinets in the kitchen I’ve been using for storage.

      SO…. yesterday I came across this window, I had to buy it $40 bucks!
      I bet you can guess what’s going to happen with this one!

      Yes mam… another cabinet! I’m so excited to get this one made.

      Designing with Vintage
      what I love, 
      my passion is organically to add charm to everyday function.

      I hope you are inpired to look around for a vintage window or door and make something useful for your space.

      A beautiful weekend to you,

      And I am excited for you Gail!
      Looking forward to when you do the big reveal, and we get to see all that inspires in in your new space. I love the cabinet door, we think a lot alike 🙂

      See you and your creative beauty soon.

      Happy Thanksgiving


      Very inspiring Gail! These wonderful details make all of the difference!!

      The Arts by Karena
      The Blink of an Eye