Hi Darlins,
      We’re getting  used to the new time change. 
      I love it, what about you?

      Finally beginning to enjoy the season with the cooler weather, by making a couple cozy fires.

      Welcome to No. 5 Saturday’s “Designing with Vintage”.

      * LIGHTING *

       I love vintage lighting.
       I ponder the rooms those fixtures gave light to before..
       A sense of romance but simply utilitarian.

      Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite vintage fixtures in my french normandy farm home.

      Vintage pieces are so interesting as re purposed as lighting.
      Can you guess what this was?
      Can you see the spout in front of this coffee server?
      No change needed… not in service anyomore!
      This was a parking meter.

      It’s in my son’s room, left of the bed.
      A cool galvanized light from old parts. 
      You can SHOP for it here.
      Before it was electrified, I was told this was this light was used for candles.
        The handle was to carry it through the home. 
      A glass table lamp is a family heirloom.
      It is missing a few crystals, love it just the same.
      A crystal chandiler in the foyer has delicate detail.

      A tiny vintage sconce with crystals. Above my desk.

      All time favorite sconce!

      French sconces with the original blue crystals.
      Missing a few of the blue crystals that sadly broke when moving.

      These sconces are in the dining room.

      ALL PIECES found as is at Antique shops and vintage markets, except the heirloom glass table lamp.

      Today I hope to inspire you to think about using vintage lighting in your spaces. 

      On a side note, I’m grateful for a new design client, I have my finger’s crossed to use some vintage pieces and of course lighting in the project, I will be taking pics on the project to share with you!

      A beautiful Saturday to you,

      Hi Gail,
      I have had my mirror hanging in every home I have had… I acquired it when I was in my teens…
      It use to be more gold, silver, and bronze reds, I pulled away some old broken pieces and aged it with a white finish making it feel aged with years of decay to it.
      I move it about my home to reflect what gets in its way.
      It's part of my holiday decor.

      As for your use of light and how and where it cast its reflections is beautiful. In your home. I love the urn lamp, and I find these pieces often, I now am inspired to make one for myself.
      Love your area of rest and the use of animal hide for the floor covering, I am still looking for area rugs, that one that say awwww! Yes I am the one.

      Love that you are sharing so much more of the amazing style in your home. Looking forward to the holidays here.