Beautiful Saturday Darlins,

      Welcome to Saturday Designing with vintage  No. 2  from my home.
      Where each Saturday your invited to see vintage finds I treasure
       how I implement them in my Casual Loves Elegance design here in our home. 
      Over the years I have been asked to show my own vintage style & how I use the vintage items in design at home. 
      Last Saturaday I began the series… if you want to go back and see what this is all about!!!
      Let me know what your thoughts are!!!

      I have some ideas for this series to involve you later so I hope you will come by and keep up.
       I am numbering these so if you have a question or comment you can refer to NO. #

      Interior use of Anitque garden elements.

      One of my favorite pieces.
      {just saying… you will hear favorite more than once}

      Today I’m excited to share with you my
      Antique garden fountain urn
      There is a spicket in front, I have been told it was a fountain from the 1800’s.
      The FOUND back story..
       I aquired this through a trade.

      I fell in love with it at a vintage market but it was sooooo expensive
      I was chatting with the hostess of the market and told her about a huge garage door that was on my studio at one time, with a mural painted on it by a german artist.
       She was excited to see it. We agreed to trade my mural for this Antique urn and base.

      I had it outdoors for a while at our old beach house, but concered about the weather rusting it out.
      I really want to preserve it.
      A prized piece I felt deserved a place of honor..

      Flowers are so welcoming…
      I L*O*V*E using hydrangeas, roses, evergreens, herbs in the urn.

      A beautiful way to enjoy casual flowers indoors & utilize an elegant garden element.
       Flowers and greens are changed all year long depending on the season.

      I keep the plants in the pots,
       take them oudoors to water
      when the plants look tired I plant them in the garden.
      A rare vintage white watering can,
       this one stays mostly inside, to keep the rust from taking over.
       Roses & Rosemary
      AUTUMN’s Fairy pumpkins

      I love Garden elements, especially urns and tools.
      I can’t help but think that gardening is peaceful & offers joy in it’s bounty.
      Finding and aquiring pieces that behold the honor from the past are truly treasures.

      I hope this inspires you to look around at the vintage garden elements you or your family has in the barn or garage and get them out brush them off and use them in your interiors everyday all year!
      the next time you see one a fleamarket you will have an idea of how it could work in your interior.

      I started a new Pinterest board VINTAGE FINDS !

      Take a moment to share or pin this with someone who may be inspired…
      and I would love to hear your thoughts!

      P.S You might love a few pieces in my shop

      Hi Gail, I have a think for iron urns … I have one very popular small one not so rare at all, but your very sizable one I love. I love the aged rust and the vignettes you have created in it, each season can take on a whole new look with it….as for those doors once again I must comment how fabulous they are, I feel like they would look wonderful in my home matching and blending with all my French washed pieces of weathered woods.

      You just keep on inspiring the best here.

      See you soon dear.


      Ooops! I forgot to mention I would have loved to have seen the garage door and the mural on it 🙂
      Don't you love a good trade?