Hi Darlins,

      Time is flying isn’t it?
      I’m sure I’m not alone here!

      Quick Update..The Del Mar design renovation is very exciting…we’re heading to the finish!
       The pro kitchen appliances were installed this week, the new roof is on, bobcats in the yard prepping for landscape etc..

      My other renovation of the French Farm house is also moving along.
       The stone walls are almost finished in front! They look amazing, updates are coming!

      Saturday’s “Designing with vintage”

      When scouting for vintage architectural pieces I never anticipate what I will find.
      Recently…I spied this pair of vintage doors.
      A pair which is seldom found..
      with the most beautiful chippy shade of blue, 
      I kept walking around the shop and  coming back to see them again, then I was dreaming of them all day.
       That was it…I went back to purchase them.

      I’m seeing them incorporated in the butler’s pantry. Just so happens, they will fit like a glove!!
      Right now they are in waiting…I see them propped up every morning…
      I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
      So if you fall in love with a piece and dream about it all day or night, go back Quick & purchase it!!!

      Have a beautiful weekend, enjoy!

      Those doors are fabulous! We have a thing for old doors as well!

      Hi Gail, I always say if you see them and have to keep looking at them, then buy them because if you leave without the purchase they may not be there when you go back….this have happened to me more then once.
      I would have fell in love with those doors the second I saw them….. I had a wonderful butlers pantry in my last home, large enough home to accomadating one and so miss having that space for preparations and all the finer stemware.
      Your new doors will finish off the pantry entrance divinely.

      As for your landscaping and the stone wall it's going to be so beautiful when it's all in place. I can not wait to see the whole reveal….
      Corona Del Mar is just an hour and less then a half from me, I have friends in your area.
      Your doors with their blue finish will fit divinely in With the sea breeze.

      Enjoy all the beauty in gathering salvage for your designs.