Hello Darlins,

      If your just coming over and didn’t read yesterdays post…scroll down to read it!
      Today is the 1st Saturday’s “Designing with vintage” from my home.

      Sometime… if you haven’t you might like to read my bio on the side bar.. it tells my story. 

      Let’s begin with a little back story….

      It’s real darlins… we are living in our renovation!
      Our home sits on over 2 acres in Southern California..
       the view and the position of the house is why we bought this.
      It feels likes Napa, with infinity views and spots of blue Pacific Ocean.

      Every piece of dirt, every square foot of this house is being transformed from a 1980 Mediterranean to a French Normandyish farmhouse. 
      My husband & I are the GC’s & I’m designing.

      We are having so much fun, yes the budget is the stressful element, but we are making so many memories & doing it in phases. It’s a huge project,
      living it makes for awesome choices!

      Thursday night I brought home this gorgeous vintage little round table.
      I have been wanting a round table for a long time, but never found one that quite had the character…
      This one flipped my gourd…
      I scored this vintage round beveled glass top table.
      a consignment shop.

      gorgeous french details 
       perfect amount of chippy paint were like a magnet.

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE it as is!

      I white glove cleaned the room, cleared everything out of the dining room 
      Gathering room.

      We live in this room, next to the fireplace all winter is where we are.
      It has beautiful light all year.
      A view from the juliete balcony with the bare floor.
      Then to cosy it up I added this hide rug.
       I borrowed it from my sons bedrooom,
       he’s at college he won’t miss it!
      What do you think?
      Rug or bare flloor?

      Here’s the same room before as the dining room.
       A view from juliette balcony last year.

      So… which space is your favorite?

      The new Gathering room
      Dining room

      Note the chairs, sofa, stool in the gathering room are all vintage.
      They all will be re-upholstered in time.

      All the pieces you see in both spaces are vintage, the accessories, the european down quilt, grainsacks, enamel candle sticks, silver trophy champange bucket, frame, french half commode,  chandelier
       & campaign bed.
       I’d say it’s 50/50 vintage markets, vintage shops.

      One of the white enamel candle sticks was my first purchase from Second Shout Out-Omero home when they first began!

      All vintage.
      The two toile pillows on the day bed are newer also the down inserts.

      The bottom of the chandelier has this pretty pale blue crystal cup, I spotted that first!
      This took 3 men to hold & install the ceing is about 18 feet.

      We love this room, bottom line.
      What makes it a favoite is the natural light, two story ceiling, fireplace & view to the pool & coast.
      Honestly this room would be gorgeous with a card table & folding chair in it!

      This room is off the kitchen and the first space you see off the entry foyer. 

      Before we first moved in we ripped out the carpet, layed the temporary wood down, 
      Installed a ceiling fan and tore down the wall between this room & the kitchen so you could get light all the way throughand see the view from the kitchen
      Later I found the chandelier.
      The northern wall has been changed with the new windows & base, which will be carried on throught the house.

      Phase 2 for this room will be all new windows, smooth coat walls, mouldings & re-do fireplace.

      My Design tip: Look at how you live in a space, it might speak to you as differnt than it’s intended.

      I forgot to tell you, last night my husband came in and said.
      Honey…. where’s the dining room?

      I’ll show you my ideas for that next!

       I’d love to have a conversation about flipping these rooms, what would you like to see here?
      Looking forward to hearing what you think? Leave me a comment here or FB.

      Thank you for coming by my first Saturday’s Designing with Vintage, from home.
      Tell your friends & like my FB page!


      Sometimes, taking everything out of the room as if it was being styled for the first time let's you borrow things from other rooms & you'd be surprised you might love it more! Let me know if you switch it up! I'm sure you have some fabulous pieces that you can bring in and out!
      Have fun!

      Hi Dore, Thank you for your thoughts!
      Yes I agree with the seasonal rug, in for Autumn* Winter, out for Spring *Summer.
      I have moved the table to a different room.
      I don't know I wanted to play with the other room as a dining room, I will show it as well on a Saturday's Designing with Vintage post. That room is down to the studs now! But the halogen lighting is finished! Walls are down, new openings are framed If I use the other room for dining I will have to rethink a few things, but I won't decide till I live with it for a bit! My problem Is I love the room for both uses. But which use do I love for each the most?
      If you have any thoughts let me know!
      I'm sitting in the gathering room right now, I love it!

      The room is a fabulous change, and I so wish it were mine, " I wish I were kidding, but I'm not ! "
      As for the table I notice nothing but beauty, and the silver aged patina oh my how it speaks to me!
      The center piece your stamp on its new look is your lemons 🙂

      The whole rug thing or not? Geez! This is tough, I was Awww !! Struck when I can to this point of your post seeing the beauty of old world French and the wonderful patchwork floors, the you expose a hide rug, in the same flax, grey tones as the pieces in the room and again Awww!! Struck !
      Gail, I can't really say which look I love best because they both move me in wonderment. I could live with both, and both looks are perfect if that makes any sense to you.
      I think the rug during winter, and maybe come spring you can do without it. But all and all you cannot go wrong with either looks here, so inspiring.

      Now what about the dinning room? Can you do without the table? Have you moved it to another area? If so you must show it off, in fact how about a complete home tour.
      I could so move into your home in a minute. Looking forward to the elevation of your homes design, and land and hearts scapeing 🙂



      Ps, I had mixed emotions as to changing my Swedish chest and Rocco white chippy mirror over it to the new look if the armoire that still has some designs that will be added to the room with it. So to see this drastic of a room change it must of felt so interesting to you, and then complete love for its new look.