Morning Lovelies*

      Shout out!!!!!If anyone has a Bride to be in their circle than I hope they get to the San Diego Wedding Bridal Show today! It is from 12 – 5pm. downtown at the Omni Hotel 675 L Street San Diego.
      It is going to be a beautiful venue… It is owned and produced by good friend Pamela Noxen.
      This is her 25th Show!
      I am taking a couple guests with me… My friends daughter Miss Heidi is a Bride to be!
      It will be fun to see what the Models will be wearing on the catwalk this afternoon!
      So if you live in SanDiego or OC get your inspiration started at the show!

      Pamela is so sweet to make us VIP’s..
      Don’t forget the awards tonight…. It will be a Glam day!!!!
      Here is show link